Estate Planning Services include:

Medicaid Eligibility & Asset Protection


How to protect a lifetime of hard earned assets in the event that nursing home care is needed due to an unplanned illness. 

Veterans Pension Benefits


Learn how War time Veterans & their Surviving spouse may receive up to $2,130 per month from the Veterans Administration (Tax free)

Long Term Care, Life Insurance, & Annuities


We offer a variety of insurance products to help clients make safe investments choices as well as long term care insurance to protect them from the financial burden of long term care cost.

Investment Advisory Services


As Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) we must act in a fiduciary capacity, and therefore we are held to a higher standard of conduct than other Investment firms. This fiduciary standard mandates that an RIA must always unconditionally put the client’s best interests ahead of his or her own, regardless of all other circumstances.

Legal Documents


The real purpose of estate planning is to properly plan for your own disability or death. If you don’t make your own decisions in advance regarding your assets, your healthcare, etc., the courts, or what’s in the law, will make those decisions for you. 

Estate & Retirement Planning


The true purpose of an estate plan is to accomplish a number of goals. Your estate plan will depend upon your particular circumstances. In planning your estate, your goals and wishes are given the highest priority. In addition to your goals and wishes, you should also consider your family and its needs, as well as the nature and extent of your property.